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  1. Shataur
    Shataur 1 year ago

    me gustas tus tetas y tu culo enorme

  2. Zukus 1 year ago

    Fuck I love eating women's butts out! Fuck I've got a Boner.

  3. Gardaran 1 year ago

    I understand its porno, but like, what a dumb budge to run.

  4. Kigagrel
    Kigagrel 1 year ago

    My ex didn’t even want me to update my status to say I was in a relationship. But he was ashamed of me or something because he only introduced me as “a friend from Canada” when confronted with people he knew. It crushed me when the asshat proposed to me and strung me along as a foreign booty call and cash cow.

  5. Basar
    Basar 1 year ago

    You are hot as fuck I live in Fayetteville woo pig sooie;)

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